AK Magazines (Mags)

Welcome to the Mags (magazines) department of Soviet-military.com online store. Mags are one of the crucial kinds of military surplus available for ordering from the Soviet-military.com online store. Soviet-military.com offers a wide choice of magazines for various Soviet and New Russian guns and rifles, including mags for AK, AKM, SKS, RPK, AKSU, and many more! In fact, the choice of magazines for Soviet and New Russian guns and rifles in the Soviet-military.com online store is the biggest on the Internet. All the mags provided by the Soviet-military.com online store are taken directly from Russian army stocks, are original, and have never been in use. Among the mags offered by the Soviet-military.com online shop are:

Mags for AK

Soviet-military.com online store offers a wide range of magazines for the legendary Soviet weapon - Kalashnikov machine gun. The amount of magazines offered by Soviet-military.com online store includes mags for most kinds of AK, among which are mags for AK-47, AK-74, AKM, AKSU and most other popular variants of AK.

RPK mags

Light machine gun Kalashnikov (also known as RPK) are different from other Kalashnikov models. Therefore, magazines for RPK are also different from mags for other models of Kalashnikov guns. However, this does not mean that magazines for RPK are not available for ordering from Sovet-military.com online store. If you are looking for RPK mags, be sure that magazines for RPK are sure to be found at Soviet-military.com online shop.

SKS magazines

Mags for the famous Self-loading Carbine of the Simonov system (SKS) are also available for buying from Soviet-military.com online store. This obviously means that if you are looking for magazines for SKS, the SKS mags entry of the Soviet-military.com online store is the ultimate place for you to look for SKS magazines.

Magazines for SVD

Mags for another well-known rifle of the Soviet and New Russian armies - the famous Dragunov Sniper Rifle (SVD) - are also possible to buy from the Soviet-military.com online shop. Please see the Soviet-military.com online store’s SVD mags entry, if magazines for SVD is what you are looking for and what you have come to Soviet-military.com online store for.