Russian army surplus

Russian army surplusMilitary equipment is necessary not only for military men, but also tourists, field researchers, hunters, fishers, travellers etc. Soviet military equipment is used by nature-lovers for various purposes in hike. For example, military sleeping bags have high level of compactness and thermal insulation. They are popular among skilled tourists in the time of walking tour. Tactical and discharge vests are convenient on fishing and hunting, they help to distribute necessary things which will be always “near at hand” and accessible in the time of the most important moment.

Military backpacks, tactical haversack and bags are the low-cost means for carrying purposes of load. They match the colour gamma of military clothes. They have big spaciousness. The majority of backpacks’ models have a frame and waist belt. Tactical haversacks provide day’s march, short night sorties, and also conducting action and special operations (including maintenance of public order).

Such Russian army surplus as military gloves and military mittens are absolutely necessary under cold conditions of weather. Special models of military gloves will reliably defend your arms from strong frosts. Military mittens and gloves are convenient in the process of performance of different kinds of work, prevent traumas and defend arms from pollution.

Hard hats and helmets are irreplaceable at work in potentially dangerous projects, and also for paintball plays. This military equipment defends a head during the movement through the thick forest; it is effective in the capacity of security measures in active sports. Panama defends from the sun. Military suits are convenient all-weather clothes which are indispensable under extreme conditions.

Military suit is made of a hardwearing fabric. Cartridge pouch, necessary for storage of different devices and materials are especially appreciated by photographers and strikeball players. You will find Soviet military equipment practically for any purposes and operating conditions in our shop. You purchase confidence of safety, convenience and comfort in the most rigid field conditions.