Soviet Uniforms

Soviet UniformsThe military uniform is an obligatory attribute of any army. It defines belonging of military men to armed forces of one or another state. Besides, the uniform has also purely military functions: staff masking on the ground, creation of comfortable conditions during actions of military men in various environmental conditions.

The Soviet uniforms had its own cut and ways of wearing. Three types of a uniform were available for generals: informal clothes, formal and ceremonial. Officers and soldiers also had three types of a uniform: informal, guard and formal. The uniform had two variants: summer and winter.

The field uniform was made of cloth of different shades of khaki. The uniform consisted of a soldier's blouse and peg-top trousers. Later field single-breasted military jacket was introduced instead of a soldier's blouse. Summer form was made of light-coloured cotton fabric, winter uniform was made of dark-coloured woollen fabric. Officers wore high leather boots, and soldiers - kersey boots. In winter officers and soldiers wore overcoats from brownish-grey cloth.

Complete sets of an Army Camouflage Uniforms have been developed for masking of a soldier. Such uniform has deforming drawing of the big roundish stains which in combination to bagginess of the suit well "break" a silhouette of the person. Colours of drawing are chosen to match ground and season, for example, black deforming stains on a green background – for summer, or  dirty-fulvous background with dark brown "amoebas" – for autumn. Experience of actions has shown necessity to have in troops white camouflage overalls.

Russian Navy Uniforms
as a whole slightly differed from clothes of seamen of other countries though had two distinctive features. First, only on the Soviet fleet petty officers wore traditional form with a service cap; secondly, in naval uniform dark blue and black colours were combined. Officers wore black uniform with a service cap, coatee with a white shirt, black trousers, black leather boots and also black double-breasted overcoat. Sailors and petty officers wore dark blue flannel shirt and black trousers-klesh. For cold weather there was a short pea jacket.